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God Wants You To Trust In Him

As what I have written early this year, I would try to find a job and move to Sydney, Australia this year. Today, a day in mid August, I have done so many things, trying to fulfill that short-team life goal.… Continue reading

How Do I Ask A Girl To Be My Girlfriend? – Guest Post

This is a post by my boyfriend. Check this out!

“How do I ask a girl to be my girlfriend?” is one of the timeless questions that guys face over generations.  Some common tips are:

  • Just be yourself
  • Never take ‘no’ for an answer
  • Take her to an expensive restaurant
  • You have to be manly and confident
  • and many more….
Continue reading

Chasing Dreams 2017

Many things happened in 2016. I turn to 25 years old, the first quarter of my life. I went to Malaysia 9 times for a project from my office. I attended the World Youth Day and unexpectedly met an equally-yoked guy who has become my boyfriend now.… Continue reading

All Saints Day 2016 : “RUN!”

All Saints Day has been like an ‘obligation’ day to have Mass for me year by year. This year, I have a chance to have the Mass at my favorite parish nearby my house, St. Don Bosco Parish. St. Bosco has taken a place in my heart.… Continue reading


Here I am arrived at another check point of my life. I am 25 years old finally. Few months before my birthday, I was quiet anxious about being 25. Reflective questions kept flying in my head, “How will 25 be like?Continue reading

An Examen During PMS

Here comes the day when the ground feels like crushed down, when you really forget how happiness is like, when what you feel is only grieve and sorrow. That’s when the hormonal system of a woman loses it’s balance and changes into another phase of the cycle.… Continue reading

The Price of Sorry

It was all started when we had a retreat in our community. In the spirit of Year of Mercy, we were encourage to apologize the people with whom we had done offenses, and to forgive those we had put grudge, hatred, anything.… Continue reading

World Youth Day 2016

Another dream has come true! Finally I join the World Youth Day (WYD) event! I have dreamed to join one since I was in high school, this dream was held until the time has come and I considered myself ready to join this event.… Continue reading

Working Abroad Experiences

It has never come to my mind that a wish, which I have forgotten, is coming true in my life. During my high school and university days, I was so eager to study or to work abroad. I have never interested in something which is in my local city or country.… Continue reading

A Flower On Valentine’s Day

After having Mass that Sunday morning, I went to buy some morning snack passing through a group of girls who were selling flower, collecting donation. I walked pass through them and went directly to the snack stall. Suddenly those young girls came to my stall where I was standing and spoke to me, showing their donation pamphlet and explained to me the purpose of their mission that morning.… Continue reading

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